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Paring away at that apple: an interview with Kate Wyer

I interviewed the amazing Kate Wyer over at The Fanzine. Find out more about her here, and read one of her short stories.

AWP 2017 here I come!

Are you going to AWP 2017 in Washington?

Do you like experimental fiction?

Do you like Calamari Archive books?

Do you want to have a look at some Calamari Archive books to see if you might like them?

Do you like or want to buy my book?

Do you want me to sign it?

Do you want to chat me up or talk about dogs?

I’m gonna be at the Calamari Archive booth at the bookfair. Check out the floorplan and make sure you come say hello and buy some books.

I’ll also be doing a reading on Saturday February 11 with fellow Calamari authors Nat Baldwin, Brandon Hobson and Robert Lopez and others from Action Books, Per Second Press, and Tarpaulin Sky Press. More details can be found here and Facebook event here. Get involved xx

Q&A with Misfits magazine

I discuss whale-watching cruises, Marianne Faithfull’s lack of knickers and not cheating on my boyfriend with a Michael Jackson lookalike in this Misfits magazine interview.

NO MOON research notes now up at Necessary Fiction

My research notes for NO MOON are now up at Necessary Fiction. This is a wonderful series so make sure you check out the other entries!

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I’m starting an intermittent newsletter about my forthcoming writing and things on the internet I’ve found and loved. This will be a hotline to the good stuff – book recommendations, music, articles and writing news.

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NO MOON out now, forthcoming fiction and research notes

So if you weren’t already aware, NO MOON is out now! You can read more about what people thought of it here, here, herehere and here. I’m writing some research notes for Necessary Fiction atm – will post details when it’s up.

I have story in Nat Baldwin’s forthcoming Dostoevsky Wannabe anthology. There’s some really great writers involved. More details soon.

Book 2 is well under way; current Microsoft Word file name is thisiswellshit.docx but I have high hopes for this thing.


NO MOON now available for pre-order!

I’m excited to announce that NO MOON is now available to pre-order directly from Calamari Archive.

Get your copy of the book – and a free mp3 of the book trailer song – before anyone else x

Pre-order NO MOON

PS – to whet your appetite, check out my inspiration scrapbook.

Book music

Around the age of 14 I decided I was going to be a rock star. I felt I was too smart at sentences to be an actor but not disciplined enough to write books. Rock stardom seemed the most sensible conduit for my creativity.

I taught myself to play guitar with books from the library that came with free pubic hairs and nosebleeds. I taught myself to sing by copying Morrissey in the mirror; my mouth all sad elastic.

Years later I moved in with a girl who played guitar like John Squire. We started a band and did pretty well, gaining a few big support slots. We practised in an Oldham warehouse with damp that made her neck swell. A man placed a toilet roll Stonehenge sculpture outside our door which we reckoned was a kind of come on. The toilet was so rank we took turns to levitate above it.

When the band split up I moved to London and listened to techno and nothing else. I started to make music with my laptop and a sampler. I sang mournfully over it about being deeply human and stuff.  I still do this sometimes.

I wrote this song to complement NO MOON’s rickety musicality. Sometimes I wish books sang; this is as close as I can get. The incongruous water feature sound is a direct reference to a central theme in the book – dowsing for water.

My reads of 2014 and end of year message

I didn’t read an amazing amount of new stuff this year. 2014 turned out to be more about immersing myself in new textures of texts I’ve read before – i.e audiobooks of Beckett’s Molloy and Joyce’s Ulysses. Listening to these was a revelatory experience and reinforced my feeling that voice – saying – is the lifeblood of fiction. And not even in a needy performative way (I HATE theatre pretty much). Can anyone recommend a decent audiobook of Bernhard’s Correction? Or make one happen so I have something to soundtrack January 2015?

When I’m not writing and reading my sentences aloud, I write with earplugs in because I need to hear the sentences forming in my skull, and nothing else. I have no formal training in writing, so I’ve only my gut and ear to go by. Obviously reading as much and as widely as possible helps, but I’ve noticed if it sounds right, it probably is. I really hope I can hold onto and fine-tune both gut and ear in 2015.

Speaking of the saying of texts – with the publication of NO MOON in 2015 I will be doing my first readings. I haven’t quite worked out how to approach these. My Estuary English accent doesn’t do my stuff justice (I know cos I’ve recorded it). It’s not about performance, but just an authenticish chanelling of the warring voices I’ve put to paper /lived with over the past year. It’s really important to me. I must find a way to convey the intended intensity of my stuff without being male or succumbing to faux-Received Pronunciation (cos that’s how serious writers talk innit). If anyone has any good, non-heads down reading video/audio links that might inspire me, please email me via my Contact page. Ps no Kathy Acker. Not the vibe I’m going for.

Hope you all have a lovely Xmas and New year x

Print books I read in 2014 and loved: 

Starlight in Two Million: A Neo-Scientific Novella – Amy Catanzano

This is the Water – Yannick Murphy

Infinite Fictions – David Winters

Gravity and Grace – Simone Weil

SSES” ‘SSES” “SSEY’ – Derek White

Leaving the Sea – Ben Marcus

Man in the Holocene – Max Frisch

Things to Make and Break – May-Lan Tan

Inferno – Dante (illustrated by William Blake)


So my début book – NO MOON – is done and will be published in 2015 on Calamari Archive. I am so excited to be joining Derek White’s ranks alongside the likes of Blake Butler, Brandon Hobson, Gary Lutz, Peter Markus and Miranda Mellis. I’ll be posting regular updates here about the book, which I spent most of the last year writing in my bedroom. Roll on 2015!