Julie Reverb

julie reverb no moonMy début book NO MOON is out now! Buy it from the following places:

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Praise for NO MOON

“Mucking about Britain’s dankest districts, Julie Reverb’s Lucy and Billy release squalls of bitterly beautiful mortal ache. The interpenetrating narratives of NO MOON are torch songs ablaze on the page, flaming straight to your heart. Julie Reverb is a dauntless devastator of what passes for fiction these days, crashing through the templates into something nervily original.” —Gary Lutz

“Every chapter in NO MOON is shadowed by loss and longing, and every chapter’s every sentence estranges language from timeworn usage. Julie Reverb possesses that rare gift—think Kathy Acker, Sam Lipsyte, James Joyce—to surprise her reader, with mimetic grit and linguistic rigor, into fits of quizzical laughter. The care and ingenuity with which this novel works to portray the content of its protagonist’s mind is unsurpassed in recent fiction: Lucy’s consciousness inflects the narrative dynamically, eloquently, always masterfully. NO MOON is a revelatory exposé on the body, a lyrical meditation on grief, and an explosion of literary decorum—it’s a tour de force.” —Evan Lavender-Smith

“Julie Reverb’s writing fluctuates with a fluid syntax punctuated with unpredictable nouns, unexpected adjectives, and other verbal surprises. I’ve never read anything quite like these stories before and you probably haven’t either.” —Michael Kimball

Book trailer (featuring darts star Bobby George, Siouxsie Sioux and me singing)